Not just another jewelry store!

Moreyo (erstwhile Revere) is our new avatar. We bring new thoughts, new energy with much love and passion.

What does Moreyo mean?

Moreyo means a peacock in Mewari (the language of Mewar, i.e. the south central part of Rajasthan). Our flagship store is located at the Trident Hotel, in Udaipur. Peacocks are often spotted around the Hotel and often even come up to the porch to greet guests. So beautiful and regal, that they make you take pause. 

Our design philosophy is subtle and sophisticated focused on one-of-a-kind pieces that quietly invoke the goddess in you, give you that "Hey world, look at me", kind of feeling.

Moreyo jewelry is made from Sterling Silver and also feature rhodium, gold and rose gold plating in various combinations with semi-precious stones.

It is hoped that Moreyo jewelry once it leaves our studio, will bring much joy to the wearer and in time become a precious family heirloom. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.