Not just another jewelry store!

Revere is born of the French word ‘révérer’ which means to worship or adore. Revere is pronounced [ri-veer]. Why revere? My Dad was fluent in French, as he studied at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. The medium for learning was French. He chose the name – for jewelry must be revered!

No conversation about revere can be complete without a mention of my Mom. She was an old soul who wore her pearls all the time and everywhere. Her quiet elegance and "eye" chose our sensibility and also explains our obsession with pearls.

We are an artisanal silver jewelry and accessories brand. Our focus is divided between contemporary and traditional while using precious and semi-precious materials, time honoured processes and handmade crafting techniques to create unique pieces of sustainable luxury.

Revere jewelry lines are made from sterling silver and also feature rhodium, gold and rose gold plating in various combinations with semi-precious stones.

Our design philosophy is simple, subtle and sophisticated focused on one-of-a-kind pieces that quietly invoke the goddess in you.

We began our journey in the online space, graduated to the shop-in-shop retail model and currently retail from our online webstore and our flagship store – “Revere Rajputana” at the Trident, Udaipur.

At our store, while jewelry takes centre stage, our other product offerings include Stoles & Scarves, Clutch Bags, meaningful Souvenirs and other products to celebrate the multi-sensory experience of Rajasthan.

In 2019 we converted a section of our store into a metaphysical haven under the name and style of “Rajputana Rocks”. Crystals and minerals have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties since ancient times but they haven't made it to the mainstream until recently. Our product lines include crystals and minerals, metaphysical jewelry, semi-precious stone energy wands, spheres and pyramids, angels, gemstone energy rollers (for relaxation and healing), seven chakra stones and select sound healing bowls/cymbals.

It is hoped that revere jewelry once it leaves our studio, will bring much joy to the wearer and in time become a precious family heirloom. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.