❤️ New love in times of Corona – ‘Tambavati’

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing well.

We also hope that you have safely packed away your jewelry. For everyday jewelry – be sure to wash with soap and warm water and pat dry on a daily basis. Why? Because research (right now) indicates that the family of viruses that cause COVID-19 can survive on jewelry and silverware up to 5 (five) days.

Generally, we at revere work with Sterling Silver (92.5% Silver + 7.5% Copper) but we do a lot of our experimenting in Copper. Our rose gold offerings have been inspired by such experiments! In short, we love Copper, always have.

More recent experiments (scientific ones) suggest that the COVID-19 virus (and its relatives/strains) only survive on Copper surfaces for up to 4 (four) hours. Perhaps due to Copper’s antimicrobial properties.

The ancients used and loved the amazing benefits of Copper. The Romans gave Copper its name – ore from Cyprus which later evolved to “Cuprum” and then finally Copper. The Egyptians use the “Ankh” symbol which represented ‘eternal life’ to denote copper in their system of hieroglyphs. It is also believed by archaeologists that copper pipes were used by the Egyptians to transport water. The Chinese used copper coins to treat heart and bladder related diseases.

Back home in India, excavations at Mohenjodaro, Harappa and Lothal suggest that Copper along with Bronze, Tin, Gold and Silver were used to craft utensils, implements, weapons and our personal favorite ‘ornaments’. Closer to home (for us) Rajasthan was and continues to be Copper rich. Copper mining and smelting in Udaipur probably goes back to Harappan times. Copper as utilitarian metal was probably best exploited by the nineteen sites of Ahar (near Udaipur) aptly name ‘Tambavati’.

Keevil, a microbiologist researcher in the UK has been studying the antimicrobial properties of Copper for almost 2 (two) decades. In 2015, he worked on Coronavirus 229E, a cousin of the COVID-19 and his findings confirmed that copper does “zap” the virus.

So now? Bring out all your Copper utensils and ornaments and use them! It may or may not ‘zap’ the virus – but beauty always brings happiness. Step aside Kansa, here comes Tamba.

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