Nazakat Earrings | Lapis Lazuli | Pearl

Nazakat Earrings | Lapis Lazuli | Pearl

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The "Nazakat" earrings feature Lapis Lazuli and Keshi pearls encased in Sterling Silver.

The Sumerians believed that the very spirit of their Gods lived in Lapis Lazuli, whereas the ancient Egyptians saw it as a symbol of the night sky. A true blue classic.

"Nazakat" is part of our Merkaba collection. Merkaba in Hebrew means chariot, however when broken down phonetically - (Mer=Light) (Ka=Spirit) (Ba=Body). Each piece of jewellery in this collection, is inspired by light and spirit and designed for the body.

Care Instructions - When not in use, please store flat in the revere box, to avoid scratches, tangles and tarnish.

Gemstone Pearl, Lapis Lazuli.
Colour  Pearl: White, Lapis Lazuli: Blue.
Gemstone Size Pearl: 1.6-13 mm, Lapis Lazuli: 14 mm
Earrings Length 2.4 inches
Weight 6.2 grams


You will get: one pair of featured "Nazakat" earrings.

You will get: one pair featured "Sanguine " set.

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