Dilaab Earrings | Chalcedony Aqua & Lemon

Dilaab Earrings | Chalcedony Aqua & Lemon

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"Dilaab" literally means a strong flame that burns brightly. These double Chalcedony earrings are all about the 'fire' in these stones. Neutral colours of Chalcedony set in Sterling Silver are perfect to make a powerful yet subtle statement.

"Dilaab" is part of our Merkaba collection. Merkaba in Hebrew means chariot, however when broken down phonetically - (Mer=Light) (Ka=Spirit) (Ba=Body). Each piece of jewellery in this collection, is inspired by light and spirit and designed for the body.

Care Instructions - When not in use, please store flat in the revere box, to avoid scratches and tarnish.

Gemstone Chalcedony
Colour  Lemon and Aqua
Gemstone Size Lemon :- 6.5 mm, Aqua :- 12.1 mm
Earrings Length 1 inch
Weight 8.8 grams

You will get: one pair of featured "Dilaab" earrings.

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